Maya Irgalina

Who does she think she is?

A two-hour-long fun and magical theatrical recital for a singer and a pianist, in which we explore different moments of our lives through the melodies directly connected to them. Get ready to laugh, to have fun, even to cry... but above all to be enchanted by our brand-new show, Who Does She Think She Is?.

Project Programme

The project programme includes songs by Kurt Veil, Francis Poulenc, Erik Satie, Oscar Straus and others.

About This Project

It all started about a year ago with the preparation of the most traditional recital, Melodies & More. Through this mixture of French and Spanish melodies, Verónica and Maya met musically and humanly. Having played together several times with success, after one performance in a small venue in North London it became evident that the theatrical and narrative potential of the programme, carried by Verónica’s stage presence, was great and deserved to be better explored and highlighted. Maya then had the brilliant idea of contacting her friend and long-time colleague, Katia, realising that if their worlds met, the three of them could dream, create and play together to share the best performance with the audiences.


Veronica Chacon , mezzo-soprano
Maya Irgalina , piano
Katia Ogorodnikova , director
Who Does She Think She Is project poster