Maya Irgalina




7:30 pm



Hidden Gems with Veronica Chacón

Maya Irgalina will perform in Hidden Gems recital series together with Veronica Chacón (mezzo soprano),  programme to include songs by Poulenc, Weil, Satie and the following solo works:

Beethoven: Caprice, ‘Rage Over A Lost Penny’ Op 129
Chopin Rondo  op. 73 in C Major
Mompou El Lago from Paisajes
Kapustin Variations op. 41
Kapustin ‘Paraphrase on Aquarela do Brazil’
Hiromi Uehara Show City, Show girl and Daytime in Vegas from Viva! Vegas cycle.
Hiromi Uehara: ‘The Tom and Jerry Show’